A Lot To Be Thankful For: The Offices of Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude, a gourmet organic+vegan restaurant in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Larchmont, is well known throughout the city for their life-affirming menu offerings (“I Am Liberated”, “I Am Festive”, etc). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise the staff’s offices are as naturally bright, inviting, and a little bit raw as the restaurant’s itself…
Los Angeles designer¬†Wendy Haworth¬†was hired to inject a dose of warmth, design corners of comfort, and create plenty of work surface inside the offices for the Cafe Gratitude team. The project took what was once a dark interior and transformed it into one glowing with productivity-boosting light throughout (those high beamed ceilings!) and furnished with a myriad of soothing-calm materials and colors reflective of the restaurant’s health+sustainability ethos.
This space was initially very dark and closed off with dark carpeting. Alongside with the help of Cafe Gratitude’s team, we wanted to create a space that was light, airy and open. We raised and exposed the ceiling, punched out skylights, tore down walls and added a large, custom steel window wall so light could bounce throughout the space freely.
As for the furniture, we needed a large meeting table where construction plans could be laid out easily, so we decided to put two large Big Sur tables from Crate & Barrel together. Around the perimeter of the room we installed custom work stations which were simply long wall mounted desks. We slid filing storage beneath which designated each work station and provided a storage solution that was uncluttered and streamlined. The open kitchen and lounge area were designed in keeping with the loft-style look of the office space, with vintage accents and furniture sprinkled throughout.
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August 31, 2013

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