What are your hours?

Each location have slightly different hours. Please check each sites local web-site.

Can I bring non-vegan food into the restaurant?

Our guests count on us to serve them food that is free of dairy, meat and other animal products. Because of this commitment, we do not allow non-vegan food and desserts in the restaurant.

How can I have my event at Cafe Gratitude?

We would love to host your event. Please send an email to info@cafegratitudela.com and specify the cafe location that you are interested in. You can also call the location directly and ask to speak with the General Manager.

How can I get catering from Cafe Gratitude?

Please call the cafe directly and ask to speak with the General Manager. The location phone numbers are located on each sites local web-site.


“How do I have my event at a Café Gratitude location?”

Fill out our event intake form here and we’ll contact you regarding your request!  Check out our event page to see what is going on at our Cafes this month!