CG History


The history of Cafe Gratitude is an unique tale. Believe it or not it all started with a board game  In 2003, the founders Matthew and Terces Engelhart first created a board game called The Abounding River , out of being inspired to create a fun way for people to practice keeping their attention on how much we already have to be grateful for. Once this board game was created, there needed to be a place to play it with the community. Cafe Gratitude first opened in the Mission District of San Francisco in March of 2004. A small family owned Cafe where people could gather and play the game which was on each table top. Noted for the affirmations on our menu, the fresh organic food and the inviting environment the corner location soon became too crowded to get a seat and the expansion began. Today, we still view our resturants as live versions of the game, where we practice with our staff and guests celebrating the greatness of our lives.