Sacred Commerce Workshop


What if your workplace culture revolved around experiencing the best life possible? What if conflicts in your work community were acknowledged as a chance to heal collective wounds? What if the mission of your business was to usher in a successful company and spiritually fulfilling society?

Sacred Commerce is the practice of investing in the personal and professional development of one’s employees. These ideals are held in the highest regard, equally as important as any other regular business practices. Sacred Commerce views the exchange of goods and services as an opportunity to change lives – not simply turn profits.

This workshop will explore and answer the following questions.

· What if awakening was the context in your communities (workplace, home, etc)?

· What if management meant being accountable for your staff, co-workers, family, and/or friends for living a great life?

· What if conflicts were perceived as opportunities and doorways to more workable solutions?

· What if your employees didn’t have to check their personal lives at the door, but were allowed to come to work to wake up?

This workshop is ideal for business owners, managers, entire companies, and individuals who seek a new perspective on their careers and work relationships.


June 1, 2013

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