The Eagle’s Vision: Unify Your Heart with Mother Earth!

In this amazing 7-week teleseminar, Roberto A. Restrepo and Nelson Caraballo will share with us the cosmovision of the original peoples of North and South America; these sacred, ancient teachings are known collectively as “The Eagle’s Vision”.  And for the first time in the history, traditional authorities from La Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia will be joining us to open the pathway of IKWASHENDUNA – The Universal Unification for the Safeguarding of Mother Earth. Through this course you will be able to reconnect with the Sacred and unify your heart with Mother Earth in a most profound way. This reconnection will support you in aligning your consciousness with this time-space of the Fifth Sun, a period of infinite transformation and opportunities to be of service to the Earth!
This is The Eagle’s Vision. 
To learn more and register for the course, click on the link below!

April 8, 2013

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