About us

About our Practice


Cafe Gratitude does business through a practice we call “Sacred Commerce.” We view our restaurants as environments to not only serve healthy food, but also training grounds to practice seeing our lives from a perspective of gratitude. We believe that…

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About our food


We believe in serving the freshest and most healthy food available.  Our menu is vegan and always organic, all the time. While many other restaurants say, organic when available, we say, if it isn’t available then we don’t offer it….

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CG History


The history of Cafe Gratitude is an unique tale. Believe it or not it all started with a board game  In 2003, the founders Matthew and Terces Engelhart first created a board game called The Abounding River , out of…

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What are your hours?

Each location have slightly different hours. Please check each sites local web-site.
Can I bring non-vegan food into the restaurant?
Our guests count on us to serve them food that is free of dairy, meat and other animal products. Because…

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