Meet Café Gratitude's Resident Dietitian Jayne Pinsky

Café Gratitude is over the moon to introduce our new Resident Dietitian Jayne Pinsky, RD!

As her first contribution to Café Gratitude, Jayne has developed our recently launched Juice Cleanse as well as new, fresh, organic juices, smoothies and wellness shots designed to flood the body with nutritional benefits.
Keep an eye out for more of Jayne this year including a new Café Gratitude meal cleanse!
Resident Dietitian


Driven by her passion for nutrition education, Jayne looks to cultivate a culture in the health and wellness community that values nutrition expertise for improved quality of life. Her educational background, personal athletic career, and diverse professional experiences have equipped her with strong foundational knowledge and skills in sports performance nutrition, community food service and health education. These experiences merged with her love for human connection have hastened her desires to build a motivating and supportive environment for audiences that wish to attain a healthy relationship with food, movement, mind, and body. 

She studied Exercise Science and played collegiate soccer at Salisbury University in Maryland and later continued her post-baccalaureate studies in Nutrition and Dietetics at La Salle University in Philadelphia. She was placed at Duke University for her dietetic internship, where her passion for nutrition and lifestyle coaching was ignited. Prior to her career as a Registered Dietitian, Jayne worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA Nutrition Services Manager at the Food Bank of South Jersey, where she was able to gain insight into the societal impact of nutrition education through her work with underprivileged and food insecure communities. 

Wellness Journey

Jayne’s interest in nutrition blossomed at a young age, as she gained awareness of the cultural intermeshing of her family’s background and how it influenced her household’s food norms and rituals. She grew up in an environment that emphasized home-cooking, balanced meals, food as a means to connect with others and adventurous food experiences. Her passion for dietetics intensified as a young athlete as she committed her time to playing soccer competitively year round with the express objective of eventually playing collegiate-level soccer. With a drastic increase in physical activity, Jayne incurred unfamiliar stress and fatigue that she later discovered was due to inadequate nutrition. She became fascinated by the link between diet and wellness; this era in her life secured her decision to pursue a career as a registered dietitian. 

Favorite Foods/Ingredients to Work With

Jayne loves to go out for a mediterranean style feast with a variety of dips, salads and spreads; fresh pita and breads, hummus, greek salad, baba ganoush, falafel, olives, pickled vegetables and rice pilaf and fresh fruit.